Rice Plate at Koreatown Galleria Food Court – Los Angeles, CA

After playing golf nearby, I was starving so I stopped by K-town galleria food court by myself.

Pork katsu, beef hamburger, and fish + tartar sauce. Hungry??

Was very impressed by the quality and quantity of food on this rice plate. I ate every morsel of it since I was starving.

The stall I ate at was the one wayyy on the right. I will definitely eat here again if I am in the area.

Five Guys Cheeseburger – Anaheim, California

Heard a lot of buzz lately about Five Guys lately since they are expanding aggressively in the Los Angeles metro area.

DELICIOUS megaburger

Stopped by in Anaheim and ordered the cheeseburger, and I gotta admit, I was pretty blown away. It’s ridiculously high in calories, but it was delicious.

As for In N Out vs. Five Guys, I think they’re both good. If I had to choose only one, however, that I could eat for the rest of my life, it would still be In N Out. In N out just has a more unique taste.

Taco N Tento Fish Tacos – El Monte, CA

When I am in Los Angeles, I am always in the mood for Mexican food—in particular, fish tacos. Inspired by this bloggers fish taco crawl, I decided to try Taco N Tento near the 605 freeway.

Fish taco + shrimp taco

I paid extra for the handmade tortillas, which were fluffy and good. The shrimp tacos were better than the fish tacos, but unfortunately, I still prefer La Bufadora fish tacos.