Xoi Yen – Hanoi, Vietnam

In the Old Quarter of Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem Lake district, noticed a bustling hawker-style restaurant caled Xoi Yen. Their famous dish is a sticky rice bowl with fried shallots, meat, and egg.

It was a combination sweet and savory tastes, and was very filling. Definitely one of the “must-try” dishes in Hanoi right alongside Cha Ca La Vong.

Valentine (Indochina Sails) Halong Bay Cruise – Vietnam

On my first visit to Vietnam a few years ago, we went on the Valentine junk cruise in Halong Bay. It was terrific and was definitely the highlight of the trip.

If you are visiting Hanoi for the first time, be sure to book a Halong Bay cruise! It is worth every penny.

Chả cá Lã Vọng – Hanoi, Vietnam

This is my second time vising Chả cá Lã Vọng, a famous Hanoi restaurant. There is only one dish here, simmered fish in oil and herbs.

Sizzling fish with herbs, vegetables, and bún (noodles)

Veggies and herbs dumped into the pan

To eat this properly, you dump the veggies into the sizzling pan, mix it all up, and then put some noodles in your own bowl and scoop the mixture from the pan onto your noodles, and mix that up too. Also sprinkle on some cashews to your liking.

Final product, ready to eat

Also gotta do it the proper way, with a Ha Noi beer.

Awesome Pho Bo, Only $1 USD – Bac Giang, Vietnam

Am getting a real taste of rural Vietnam while exploring the province of Bac Giang. Friend took me to an unassuming restaurant for pho bo (beef).

Freshly prepared Pho bo

I was blown away by the quality of this pho. Definitely one of the best I’ve ever had. It tastes even better with condiments: lime, chili sauce, and garlic sauce.

Customized with scoops of of chili and garlic sauces

You would never guess this unassuming restaurant would serve such delicious for pho for only $1 USD.